FAO Dev Team - Feedback

Hi Dev,

I have been talking to Nino this evening, trying to achieve something more out of the ordinary than you would probably expect, but he did a great job supporting me. If you have any questions, you can always comment here or speak to Nino, and he will be able to explain what I was trying to achieve.

So, firstly, I want to mention that I haven’t rolled the chat function out to the entire website with the round logo that appears in the bottom right (I don’t think I will be either).

I have multiple location pages where I offer IT Support Services. I have buttons which trigger iframes/lightboxes, and within them, you will find the chat function. I use the Direct Chat Link from the property.

Now, under a single property, I see you can create multiple channels, and they also create their own unique direct links. But when users go to the specific channeled link, in the Tawk app, if I was communicating with them, it displays the property name rather than the channel it’s come from.

In my example, I want to be able to tell which channel they are talking to me from. It allows me to recognize ‘who, where, what, why’.

Then, we tried to work around this in a different way. I tried to create triggers; under triggers, it gives you a URL option, and I was hoping based on the URL condition, it would trigger a specific message. In this example, I just attached something along the lines of “Hey, It’s Niraj from the X Location Office. How can I help?”

But the trigger option did not work either. Knowing which X Location Office trigger would also help recognize where they are connected to.

At present, it would seem I would have to create hundreds of properties to achieve what I’m trying to do, and I wouldn’t do that because it would be a lot of work if there were any further changes needing to be made. (You can imagine this would become another task in itself).

Essentially, I’m going to be having ‘Properties’, for example, Blog, Location Pages, etc., and each page would have its own channel, which would allow me to identify within the app where the user is and what I could be assisting them with before we even engage.

I think this would be a huge winner. Please, please roll this out in your next update! :blush:

Any questions, please let me know.