Introducing Webhooks: Automating Your Workflow with

Hey there! Have you ever heard of webhooks? They’re a really useful tool that can help you send real-time notifications of events within to external services.

There are three specific events you can configure a webhook for: chat starts, chat ends, and new ticket creation. Whenever one of these events happens, can automatically send a notification to an external service like Slack or Zapier.

A webhook is made up of three parts:

  1. A URL you have configured, to which a webhook event will be posted
  2. One or more events, which will be posted to a specified URL
  3. A secret key, which can be used to verify a webhook payload was sent by

When a webhook is triggered, a JSON payload specific to the event type will be sent in a POST request to the configured URL.

Managing webhooks is really easy! You can do it right from the dashboard in the Admin section. And if you want to learn more, you can check out the developer website for more details and example code.

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If you add events chatsent and chatreceived, I can build a ChatGPT interface for you so ChatGPT starts getting trained on a property’s questions.

Webhook for each chatreceived and chatsent then sents data to php endpoint, which then feeds to ChatGPT perpetual session, ChatGPT response to chatreceived is returned, human decides if ChatGPT response is good or not, provides human written response, which is sent back to tawk and to GPT for training “Correct answer is: “

Property gets trained to eventually take over basic inquiries.

Way better than current stupid chat bots


See my suggestion please, is a great integration for Whatsapp:

[Add variable Phone Number to Visitor object in Webhook]


This would be soooooo useful

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bump. I agree additional chat message webhooks and endpoint on rest API for posting messages to chat id would really increase the integration of the app.