Please make the widget support hyperlinks

Make the widget support hyperlinks. so when apollo replies a URL, users can click on it instead of just copy and paste it. I don’t get it why on the prewiew zone, it shows hyperlinks and even on the widget some URLs are clickable and some don’t


Thanks for the feedback. That’s strange as any links that Apollo sends in chat should be clickable in general.

Could you send me an example where this wasn’t working, please?


hi sure I have a shortcut for apollo to reply when someone asks for " Quote uniforms"
and apollo should reply you can quote by filling our form and then the link "

and I don’t know why but it never shows as an hyperlink.


Thanks @LEOHDZ, we’re looking into this

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Links are also not clickable when you add them in a message of a shortcut. Please check this too :slight_smile:

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