Select AI Bot For Department Based Chat

Dear team, i am getting an issue of chat bot with support department query, it is good for sales and guidance but not for support department. As customer keep arguing with AI and bot is giving them knowledgebase links, which make customer hyper. It is also effecting us in decreasing AI words limit issues. We ask you to setup a dept based AI bot. Where if we select dept sales,support it must for sales, support. If we select only for sales dept then it only take chats of sales dept not support. Thank you.


There is a Base Prompt that could be potentially helpful for you:

  • if the response includes ‘’[option]‘’ always include it in your message as plain text.
  • if user is looking for technical support, respond with ‘’ For technical support, please visit our Help Center or click the button bellow to be transferred to our Level 2 Support team (during business hours)
    [option] Transfer me to Level 2 support

Here is how it looks in action:

Then the next step would be linking the ‘‘Transfer me to Level 2 support’’ button with a shortcut that transfers chat to property members, which looks like this:

With this Base Prompt and transfer shortcut you can make sure that any time a visitor requests technical chat support, it will be transferred to your team.
As an alternative, it is possible to have AI introduce a ticket form element or direct to an external ticket form URL from the same reaction shortcut.

If you need help with your individual AI setup feel free to email me directly at and I will help.