Tawk Messenger Changelog


Keep track of every change to the tawk.to Messenger. This changelog outlines all updates in chronological order.

0.2.0 - 2023-12-15

Breaking Changes

  • Improved handling of chat messages. The JavaScript API Tawk_API.onChatMessageVisitor, Tawk_API.onChatMessageAgent, and Tawk_API.onChatMessageSystem now return an object instead of a string, providing mixed content of attachments and messages.
    message?: string,
    attachments : [
            type : string,
            content : {
                file : {
                    url : string,
                    name : string,
                    mimeType : string,
                    size : string,
                    extension : string

Major Changes

  • Enhanced the form by adding department dropdown groupings based on status(online, offline) and sorting in descending order(a-z).
  • Introduced new alerts for displaying connecting, connected, and chat offline in the max-widget.
  • Added Tawk_API.switchWidget() to allow switching between different widgets or properties.
  • Added Tawk_API.start() for initiating the connection of the socket to the server.
  • Added Tawk_API.shutdown() for disconnecting the socket from the server.
  • Added Tawk_API.autoStart to enable/disable the auto-start of the widget’s socket connection.
  • Added a new slide option for on-click behavior in widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues related to the initialization and registration of Tawk_API functions.
  • Fixed loading the old version of widget settings.
  • Fixed pre-chat form submission, allowing selection of the required department.
  • Fixed a bug causing widget to render iframe without content upon resizing.