Add Dark Mode since it's 2023 (years behind)

I’m not sure how dark mode isn’t available in 2023 like practically every app in existence…

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Hi brian00smith,
Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback and understand the demand for a dark mode feature. Dark Mode is on our roadmap and will be included in our next UI panel update scheduled for later this year.
Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions.

Any update on Dark Mode? this would help a lot to eyes

Blows my mind. I can’t think of one other app except for this that doesn’t have such a standard feature. Pathetic really

Welcome back @brian00smith and welcome @Revital !

Adding Dark Mode – the one feature that could save the entire app universe! Who would’ve thought? :new_moon_with_face: Jokes aside, totally get the excitement for this feature. Let’s keep the good vibes rolling as we wait for the app magic to happen! :smile:

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The year 2023 is ending and the night mode is still not released. Even if you release it as an add-on, I will buy it. I really need it.

LOL. They live in a completely different world than everyone else. At least on the other side of it which is no different.

maybe this helps you guys its so easy to make night mode

(function() {
var css = ‘body { background-color: #3f3f3f !important; color: white !important; }’ +
‘* { background-color: inherit !important; color: inherit !important; border-color: inherit !important; }’,
head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0],
style = document.createElement(‘style’);


style.type = 'text/css';
if (style.styleSheet){
  style.styleSheet.cssText = css;
} else {

var iframes = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe');
for (var i = 0; i < iframes.length; i++) {
    try {
        var iframeDoc = iframes[i].contentDocument || iframes[i].contentWindow.document; = '#3f3f3f'; = 'white';
    } catch(e) {
        console.error('Error applying dark mode to iframe:', e);


Hey everyone,

Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts and ideas. @Miracle while your suggestion would tweak the background, it doesn’t really solve the bigger UI challenge. There’s a lot more to consider, like text colors, tooltips, and other elements that need a complete color overhaul.

The main reason we haven’t rolled out a dark mode for the dashboard yet is because we’re in the midst of a framework migration. It’s a bit of a balancing act – we’re moving slowly to avoid putting a pause on our resources. This way, we can keep addressing issues, adding new features, and work on the migration when we’ve got the bandwidth. You might have noticed some parts of the dashboard (like Inbox, Contacts, Shortcuts, etc.) looking a bit different - those are the sections we’ve already migrated.

Once we complete this migration, we’ll dive into introducing different modes - dark, light, and mixed styling. We’re holding off for now since the dashboard is split across two frameworks. Doing it now would mean double the maintenance work, plus additional fixes down the line post-migration.

So, hang in there! We’re working on it, but want to make sure we do it right without compromising quality, and usability.


My Eyes are in Pain. Why so much delay in Dark Mode ?

Still not update for dark mode

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Thank you, I love how you guys always keep us on the loop

The year is now 2024, where is dark mode? It is very unfortunate that we have yet to even receive a single update from about this large framework migration. Hopefully it will solve some simple issues currently present with the platform!