AI Assist and User Attributes

My company uses to integrate chat into an online consumer account management platform. This platform currently feeds certain user attributes (email, phone, account number, and an inquiry link that links back to the account management platform) that chat agents can use to quickly view and “jump to” the users account in the software.

I have two basic questions, details of which would have to be worked out with the account management software provider.

  1. Is there a way to add more user attributes to the user attributes screen? already pulls certain attributes. Can we add more?

  2. Is there a way for the AI agent to dip into the specific users attributes provided by the account management software and use them in the conversation?

I am trying to give the AI a little more account information to work with rather than have it respond with “I do not have access to account specific information.”

Hi ScottAutry,

  1. It is possible to assign any number of custom attributes for contacts automatically generated in our CRM.
    Custom attributes will be displayed on the contacts side tab during active chats:

    You can learn more about the free CRM included with our widget here:
    Help Center | | How to manage contacts

  2. AI currently only has access to the info we provide in Data Source and Base Prompt and it does not receive visitor information, what site they are on, what day or time it is, etc.
    It is possible to set up automatic shortcuts with Add Tag action which would help label potential leads or troubleshooting requests automatically. These AI shortcuts would be launched once the visitor mentions specific keywords.
    In some scenarios, it is more practical to set up AI-assisted transfers to live agents during business hours in case a visitor is asking for help from an account manager.
    We are actively working on expanding the list of tools available for Apollo, but as it stands, with little creativity it is possible to accommodate even the most complex of setups.
    If you have any questions about your AI setup or need help with onboarding, feel free to reach out to me at and I will help.