AI Assist Upgrade Limitation

AI Assist

100 messages is too low and gets exhausted. And 1000 messages is overkill.

We have multiple domains running. And, if there is something in between, like 250 or 500 messages, it could be useful and reasonable. A pay as you use option would also be fab.

If I am using 150/250 messages a month, it might seem unattractive to go for a monthly 1000 message limit.

Consider this.

I think the price is fair for all the options they offer for free, for example, ticketing system, knowledge base, unlimited chat conversations, unlimited websites and agents, artificial intelligence chatbot. Compare all the other chat systems and you won’t find a single one that offers so many features for the price of $29 USD

For example, Tidio offers only 100 chat conversations for $29 dollars. I’m not talking about an AI chatbot; if you want an AI chatbot, you have to shell out an additional $29 USD

and don’t get me started with livechat, comm100, or Intercom or zendesk.

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