[AI Assist] Using Base Prompt to add emojis on apollo's anwsers

I’ve been playing around with the base prompt for Apollo, and I managed to get Apollo to use emojis in its responses. I think emojis makes apollo feels more human.
This works most of the time but not always. If anyone finds a way to make it more consistent, please let me know. Here’s the prompt I used.

  • “–Analyze user’s message for emoji keywords and add emojis based on the context at the end of your answers.”

I found out that adding this other prompt makes it more consistent " -Use emojis to add context and emphasis to your answers."

Hi Leo,

This is cool.
A simple prompt ‘’- Add suitable emojis to your replies’’ typically gets the AI to send an emoji at the end of every message which might not be suitable for all clientele.

I have been experimenting with specially defined emojis that are only used in the correct context:

This could be beneficial if the brand has a set of approved emojis or you just want some additional control over what kind of emojis are sent.


Nice, that prompt is even better, I will try it.


I’ve tweaked your prompt to make it more suitable or tailored to my bussiness (which is men’s and women’s clothing stores.) to place an emoji of a shirt or a pair of pants or a blouse, etc.
whenever the response include those keywords, that way apollo won’t insert an emoji in all of its anwers.

I usded the following prompt:

  • -if response to user inquiry includes the following words “camisas”, “camisa” “traje” “pantalones” “blusa” “corbata” “pantalon” add emojis based on the context at the end of your answer.

So far it seems to be working pretty fine.


I’m testing also this prompt from all of them this is the best suited for a clothing business store :slight_smile:

  • -Add an appropriate emoji when addressing user’s inquiries about clothing products such as shirts, pants, dresses, and so on; choose an appropriate emoji such as :tshirt:, :jeans:, :dress:, etc, and add it at the end of the response

also works fine.