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Hello :wave:

I have suggestions for

  1. improve the live chat I send you a photo how I want as a suggestion?

  2. make chat bot for example Facebook, twitter, Instagram,

  3. the chat bot on the site do free and unlimited?

  4. on emails for example when you open the ticket does it send an automatic message?

And when we close the ticket it sends an automatic message ?

  1. On live chat
    Add for example screen sharing we see the phone to show people in case if there is a problem?

  2. call back an appointment?
    For example, we see a message on SMS to prevent the appointment?

  3. make a bot :robot: on our phone number (french) (english)

  4. add opening and closing times
    For example (we are currently open) (we are currently closed) (we are soon to open) (we are soon to close)?

  5. on live chat
    Make the waiting time is 5 minutes please do not leave the site thank you) for example if there is no one as a team (sorry our agents are not available at the moment

  6. do a customer satisfaction survey
    For example (good :slightly_smiling_face:) (medium :neutral_face:) (not Good :worried:)?

If you don’t understand contact me by email:

Sorry if it marks things I want to write and it doesn’t mark English well?


Bye :wave: