Apollo stops giving answers

Sometimes Apollo stops responding. He simply writes to users “You’re welcome! I’ll get back to you shortly with the best options available. Thank you for your patience.” But he never gives an answer. It looks like it’s some kind of problem on your server side. After some time, he already gives normal correct information on new chats.

Hi Kaziazar,

The first message in the screenshot ends with ‘‘Once you provide this information I can help you find suitable options’’ which may make AI choose a more action-oriented language to sound like he’s actively going to find something.
I’ve noticed similar inconsistencies when Human Agent shortcuts are included for AI without edits. For example, a human shortcut that says ‘‘One moment please, let me check that for you’’ when included for AI could potentially make it confirm things it cannot possibly do.

If you have any more scenarios that you want me to look at or if you need help with base prompt, feel free to reach out to me directly at ralfs@tawk.to

Best regards,