Auto offline when idle

As far as I understand, goes to AWAY if idle and visitors are still able to initiate chat.
Is it possible to have feature, that will go automatically to OFFLINE if away from keyboard for specific time?

Many times we have cases, when you are away from desk and forget to change status to Away …

Hi, Gregorinho,

Thank you for your suggestion regarding automatically changing the status to OFFLINE if an agent is away from the keyboard for a specific time. I understand the importance of maintaining an online presence and being available to assist visitors, even when away from the desk.

At, we prioritize providing a seamless and responsive chat experience for our users. We want to ensure that our agents have the flexibility to show their availability, even when they are on the move or using mobile devices. By staying online, agents can receive notifications and promptly respond to live chats, ensuring timely assistance for visitors.

While automatically changing the status to OFFLINE may address the issue of forgetting to update the status, it may also result in missed opportunities to engage with visitors who may require immediate support. We believe that maintaining an online status allows for greater responsiveness and enhances customer satisfaction.

However, we appreciate your feedback and understand the value of exploring different options to cater to varying preferences and work situations. We will certainly consider your suggestion as we continue to improve our platform and provide the best user experience possible.

At the time of cutoff tawk did not have a built-in feature to automatically switch to the “offline” status if the user was away from the keyboard for a specific time.