Better compatibility with Zapier and other CRM's

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, expand the functionality with Zapier.

We currently use Zapier to automatically import the new chat lead into our CRM, Hubspot. Currently, we can only get the Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code, and IP City in to Hubspot using the initial chat form fields and some thoughtful extraction methods in Zapier.

It’s not very intuitive, despite it being super basic info.

The other data that would be SUPER HELPFUL is if we could get the First Agent or All Agents that answered the chat available as a data point, and the actual message transcript, so we can automatically import that into Hubspot as well using Zapier.

The other HUGE thing would be if could listen for Google Ads identifiers from the URL or certain tracking cookies, (the GCLID and Hubspot tracking cookie) and allow us to carry that into Hubspot automatically for Ad tracking and Web analytics tracking.

These are pretty basic feature requests for this type of software. VERY important for proper tracking.

Can we please get these features soon?

Hi lorenzoenns,

Thank you for your request. Our team is currently exploring expanding Zapier functionality and opening up data points for more integrations with our system and your feedback has been noted for consideration.

Keep an eye out for updates and let us know if there is anything else you would wish to see improved.