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We are using in our company and are happy with it. Unfortunately, we sometimes get into the situation where nobody is available to respond (this is not predictable). And so we want to create a basic autoresponder, that basically just gives the user a selection of topics and then responds with a link depnding on the user questions keywords. So I guess my question is, is it possible to create a chatbot in that automatically activates after a certain time? It would be great if there was an an API that would allow me to query for open conversations and then be able to essentially take it over.
I have not found any information about being able to programmatically respond to a user inquiry, so can this be done? I am fully aware that this will involve me creating my own backend.


It is possible to use Apollo AI add-on to connect the ‘‘Suggested Message’’ buttons with Shortcuts. The process is outlined in this help center article here: Help Center | | Using Suggested Message and AI Assist to create scripted chat sequences

If you have any questions about setting up Apollo AI Assistant, feel free to schedule AI Setup call via this link:

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Would creating a little browser plugin or automation service to automate common tasks and responses violate your terms of service? It seems pretty vague on that topic and in another thread you mentioned planning a REST API anyway.