Chat widget doesn't load until scrolling starts

Hi there, having a strange issue. The tawk chat widget won’t load until I start scrolling, on Mobile only. On the desktop, it works just fine.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Hi @SecOpsWarrior,

Welcome to the community, and thanks for your feedback!

Not sure if we’ve had this one come up before, but we’ll do our best to help.

Could you please share the website URL where we can observe this behavior and troubleshoot?

What website CMS are you using and how did you install the widget?

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Using Wordpress with Elementor through

powerpsa[dot]com - I have two different widgets and it happens on both. For the second widget, see powerpsa[dot]com[slash]powergryd

Hi @SecOpsWarrior,

Thank you. I just visited your website and the widget showed up without having to scroll, albeit after a few seconds, so everything appears to be in order.

Give it a try by loading your site (without scrolling) and let me know if everything looks good on your end as well?

Did you try it from Mobile or your desktop? It works fine on desktop but not on mobile for me - just tried again. I’m using both brave and chrome browsers to test.

Hi @SecOpsWarrior, thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I see that it’s not loading on mobile before any interaction with the site has occurred.

This type of behavior can stem from several factors, including how scripts and page resources are loaded on mobile devices versus desktops, or even specific mobile browser optimizations that delay non-critical resources. In short, this is not something that we can control as it happens based on how you’ve configured your website with the widget script. It would be helpful to have a developer look into your site’s setup, focusing on:

  • Script loading order,
  • Mobile-specific settings within WordPress or Elementor,
  • Initialization of the widget, and
  • Any script conflicts or lazy loading features affecting mobile visibility.

If possible, reviewing these aspects with technical support or a developer could pinpoint the exact cause and guide towards an effective solution.

Let me know if we can provide any further assistance.