Creating a Ticket

When creating a ticket following an out of hours message, you have to respond to the ticket and then allocate it to an agent. It would be better if we could allocate the ticket to an agent for them to then respond. Also if the original message could be included in the view of the ticket that would be great. Currently we respond and then allocate and then can’t see the original message.

We are a large team and work remotely so it is not always easy to allocate tickets, verbally and track who responds.


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Hi Sue,

Thank you for sharing your feature request with us. I understand that allocating tickets to an agent before responding to them and including the original message in the view of the ticket would be helpful for your team’s workflow.

Currently, we are working on an update to our Notification Center that will allow for a smoother co-working experience. This could potentially address some of the issues you mentioned.

In the meantime, a potential workaround could be to utilize our Tag system to tag a specific person or department. This way, you can assign the offline message to a specific department, such as ‘‘Customer support 1’’, and instruct a member of your team to look for/filter/segment this tag. This may help streamline your team’s workflow and make it easier to track who responds.

Thank you for your suggestion and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve our platform.

It seems like a more efficient way to handle out-of-hours messages in the ticketing system would be to directly allocate them to agents. It can be frustrating to respond first and then allocate, especially when you can’t see the original message afterward. This could definitely improve workflow for a large remote team like yours, making it easier to manage tickets and provide better support.