Detail of user satisfaction reviews

In section Reporting>User Satisfaction there are totals for Negative, Positive and Neutral ratings. It would be great if we could click on each of these figures (especially the negative and positive totals) and land into the inbox (with the proper filter applied) to check those chats. Maybe there is another way of checking chats with positive/negative feedback from our users. If so, thanks a lot for sharing your tips.

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Hi Rubentzio,

Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate your feedback and understand the usefulness of being able to precisely filter for Positive/Negative chats.

We are committed to improving our platform and are actively working on expanding the filter and reporting capabilities of our Inbox to provide more useful data points. Additionally, we are exploring potential post-chat review solutions that can offer more detailed sentiment analysis.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our future updates and feel free to post more of your suggestions.