Does Apollo learn from agent responses?

Does Apollo learn from the agent’s responses to customers’ inquiries?

at this very momment, apollo does not lear from anget responses to customers’ inquiries

I believe this is because some user with bad intentions could use this feature to teach Apollo things that are harmful or dangerous for the business, but the developers says that in the future they will implement a way to rank the answers that Apollo constantly answers wrong so that it can improve its performance.

" Does the AI learn from the data it interacts with? Will it have this capability in the future?

The AI currently learns from the data you provide it. However, by design, it does not learn from visitor conversations to avoid potential misuse. e.g. any visitor could then start teaching it the wrong things. In the future, there will be reporting mechanisms to notify you of FAQs that the AI consistently fails to answer."

this info is on help center on A.I assitant FAQ to learn more you should visit Help Center | | AI Assist FAQ

Hi, thanks for replying.

I would like to clarify my original inquiry and propose a solution.

My intention was to understand if Apollo has the capability to learn from the agents’ responses rather than the customers’ inquiries. By focusing on the agents’ interactions, we can utilize their professional expertise to continuously improve the system. This could be achieved through a supervised learning approach, where the agent’s responses are used as ground truth and the system refines its predictions based on this feedback.
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That would be a really nice feature, I’m really looking forward to know what the developers think of it.

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Hi Maria,

Thank you for the suggestion! Currently, the AI bot can be trained by adding text to the data sources. The easiest way for agents to train the bot after answering customer queries is by creating Shortcuts.

You can also convert chat transcripts into FAQs by using AI Commands in the Knowledge Base.

We will certainly consider adding the option to auto-convert agent responses into the AI data sources for convenience in the future.

For more best practices, check out the AI Assist category in our Help Center: Help Center | | AI Assist