How can I add a pre-chat form?

Hello I want to make suggestions for

  1. I want like this live chat

Hi Clement,

You can add a pre-chat form to your widget in Admin > Channels > Chat Widget > Widget Content.

This article will guide you through the steps: Help Center | | Using the Pre-Chat Form

I want to do like in the Photo for the devoppers who do like zoho desk?

Hi Clement, we don’t quite understand what you’re asking – could you please elaborate?

The live chat do like zoho desk.

Look in zoho desk

When we start the conservation we can share the screenshot and we can transfer to other people.

Hi @Cclement00,

You can set up a Pre-chat form with Departments on See here: also supports file upload in chat. Visitors can drag files into the widget or click the paperclip button to send attachments.

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 16.02.22

Let me know if you have any questions? Happy to help.


Thanks for sharing this piece.

Your willingness to share your knowledge enriches us all. Thank you!

Thanks for providing this solution... It’s a valuable contribution to problem-solving.

Is there a way to have the user input their name & email before starting the chat convo?

Hi @Flexii,

Yes, as mentioned above, this can also be done by setting a pre-chat form: