I want to be able to close a chat, rather than have the person that initiated the chat, close it

I sit waiting for a chat, and when one finally comes in, I discuss the issues and then have to ask the person I am helping to close down the chat.

As far as I understand, I cannot end the chat because I never started it, I only joined it. Is this correct?

Surely seeing it’s my business, I should be able to close down a chat, once we have finished chatting.

Hey Ron, you can simply close the chat when you are done with the conversation. If the visitor has any other questions, the chat will be sent back in the queue ensuring they will have all of their questions answered.

Hope this helps clarify. Let me know if you have any other questions.


how exactly do you close the chat? what do you do? there is no clear way to explicitly end the chat

Hi @flashy.cash, to close the chat, simply click the “x” button on the top right corner of the chat window.

I feel like it would help agents if we could also end chat sessions instead of just the customer.


Hello everyone.

Even if I close the chat, the visitor doesn’t see that the chat has ended. This makes the chat inconvenient. Customers have to see that the chat was finished. This is basic thing.

If you agree please like this message and let developers know that we really need this feature. At least to make it optional, if they really believe some platforms don’t want that.

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That’s not enough, the visitor must get a notification about the chat ending.

Hi all,

We believe it’s better to leave the conversation open because you never know when the visitor could have another question.

It’s always best to let the customer choose when the conversation ends.

The industry is moving towards asynchronous messaging, and we are planning to do so too. Session-based chats will soon be a thing of the past.