Integrated WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger

We should improve add a bot on Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp and add teams on WhatsApp ect…


Hi @Cclement00

Thanks for your suggestions! We’ll forward it to our development team for consideration in future updates. If you have more ideas, feel free to share!

@karla Yes I have other suggestions

When we close the conversation, there will be a customer satisfaction survey in 1-2 hours, the customer will receive a satisfaction survey via email.

Can you do this for later?

I’ll give you a screenshot that I want to add.
When we close the conversation, a customer satisfaction survey will be sent via email in 1-2 hours…

I love but I’m a bit dissapointed, I have the widget on my site along with a whatsapp number so visitors can contact me, and 95% of the visitors that contacts us, use whatsapp instead of the widget which is a bummer because all of the new AI features and stuff. so I would really love that could integrate whatsapp so I can use the dashboard more often.