Integration & Microsoft Bot Framework

Hi all,

We built customer specific chatbots for customers using the Bot Framework of Microsoft. These chatbots are never ‘just’ AI chatbots or just simple flows. There is allways some kind of integration involved with other systems or other user specific requirements that are not possible with most standard chatbot solutions.

We get a lot of requests for escalation to a human agent via a live chat.

The happy flow would be something like this:

.1 User is chatting with a chatbot using our website widget (or via Facebook, Messenger, Teams or whatever channel they prefer)
.2 The user request to chat with a human (or the bot decided that it is tine to escalate)
.3 A call is made to to initiate handover
.4 The conversation with the chatbot is part of the payload of the call
.5 If the call is accepted the handover is active.
.6 When the agent finishes the chat, the initiative is back to the chatbot

Is a usecase like this possible with Does not have to be the free version ofcourse. Can we do this via the APIs to the backend of or can we implement something liek this by talking to the widget of

Any thoughts are guidance to documentation that would help us is much appreciated

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I have the exact same question…