Invalid URL given in a reply

When testing the AI Chatbot it gave a URL which was similar to, but not the same, as our websites URL. This would direct customers to a competitors website, and that makes the AI Chatbot a non-starter unless this can be prevented. Our website is, the URL suggested was (actual business name not used obviously). How can I stop the AI from doing this?

Hi Philshort,

By default, the AI Base Prompt limits it to answering within the bounds of given knowledge, but when Base Prompt restriction is edited, it can allow AI to start making up answers, which includes information from its MLM training data.
You can find our guide on restricting your AI with Base Prompt here:

Another thing to keep in mind is that the best way to have AI answer questions correctly is by providing clearly defined correct answers in Data Sources. In this case, you can mention in your materials what is the correct URL where users should be directed when asked.

Hope this helps.

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