Is it possible to create ticket programatically using JavaScript API?


I can detect automatically several cases where user can run into issue using my system. On each of those cases I would like to create automatically ticket, so I can reach out the user later explaining how he/she run into the problem and how to solve it.

For that reason I am seeking for a feature where I can create programatically ticket with user assigned.

Is API supporting such cases?

Hi michaltaberski,
Thank you for your question.

While it is not possible to create tickets via API at this time, It is possible to forward tickets to your ticketing system using the forwarding email found in Administration-> Overview.
All new tickets create a Contacts entry that has set Name and Email and any number of other attributes, functioning as CRM.

Hope this helps.

@Ralph thank you for your response. That’s a work around that can possibly work for a bit for me ATM.

Looking forward to get this feature integrated into API one day!

@Ralph I have actually one more question. As I can see so far I can create a ticket by sending an email to the my ticket inbox - that works.

I have 2 more questions regarding that approach.

  1. Am I right that the only way to match ticket with client account (in is to use the same email address on both ends sender email field and email assigned to clients base in

  2. If email from which ticket was created is the only way to match ticket with user, I have another question. Can I disable the ticket copy being send back to the creator of the ticket?

Hi michaltaberski,

  1. Tickets need to have an email address assigned for them to exist and if there is a matching contact in your CRM it will add the ticket to that contact automatically. If Name in Contacts differs from Name in ticket it is possible that CRM creates duplicate Contact entries, but it is possible to manually merge Contacts and their related tickets.

  2. It is not currently possible to disable the copy that is received by the ticket assignee. By design 2 copies are created along with the ticket, one for the visitor and one for the agent answering plus any additional members who are listed to be notified in Mail Notifications settings.

Hope this helps.