Is it possible to force the Offline form using the API even when online?

Is there a way to force the Offline form to display even when the agent status is set to online or away?
Preferably by using a custom link so that chat is still available.
It would be an easy way to get both chats and communication from customers who prefer not to chat into
a ticket.

Hey @barry166, welcome to the community, and thanks for the great question!

Yes, what you could do is create a new widget on your property and force it offline by switching all weekdays in the widget scheduler off. You can then use the direct chat link to direct visitors to fill out the offline form.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you! This solution works. I have created an additional widget with a custom schedule and implemented the widget activation using Javascript to dynamically change the widget that opens based on the link clicked.

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