Is there a way to add more than 20 Chat Widgets or a way to share our Knowledge Center Database

We want to share our knowledge base to around 200 sites. we also wanted to add the chat widget to these sites. How can we do this? The chat widget only allows 20 and we can not copy and paste the knowledge center into new properties. How can we do this?

Hi @5fmedia,

Thanks for your query, and sorry for the time it has taken for us to respond.

You can technically add your widget to an unlimited number of websites. Learn more here: Help Center | | Adding a widget to your website

However, we recommend using a unique widget (property) for each website based on variables such as:

  • The body of knowledge you will set up for your agents or AI bot
  • Welcome message and branding
  • etc.

Could you share more about your exact use case?

Do all 200 websites have something in common – are they all under the same brand?