Is this plugin Free or paid?!

Hello, i want to use this plugin on my: website but i didnt undertand if they are Free or need to pay? Thank you very much.
If is there any paid version wich are the additional features? Is there any way to integrate this plugin with other platforms like Whatsapp or Telegram etc…? Se

Hi Artofhair, is 100% free and always will be. No catch. There is no limit to the number of agents you can add or the number of conversations you can respond to.

The platform also comes with a ticketing system, knowledge base and CRM — all 100% free. Your data is stored indefinitely or until you choose to delete it.

If you choose, we do have a few paid Add-ons, which are completely optional:

  • AI Assist (AI Chat bot, Smart Replies, etc.)
  • Remove our branding
  • Hire human chat agents
  • Add video + voice + screensharing options to your chat widget, etc.

Learn more about why is Free here: Why is free? –

Currently, it is not possible to integrate with external platforms like Whatsapp or Telegram, but there are workaround that would allow AI to direct users to external phone numbers or links.

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Isn’t there any workaround to let Tawk inbox being like omni channels in same box ?