Links doesn't show

When AI respond he respond like this: Pokreni svoj sajt već danas
But that do not transform to URL just show without formating

yes that is a bug, tawk to developers are looking into optimizing it on system level.

as you can see here : Apollo sometimes do not reply with clickable links

I guess they haven’t fix it yet.

I have this prompts on the base prompt but they do not seem to be working.
" -Always use hyperlinks for links.
-Always format all URLs as clickable hyperlinks.
-Format all links as clickable hyperlinks.
-Avoid displaying URLs as plain text."

the strange thing is the urls display perfectly fine on the prewiew area but they do not on the widget.

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Hi guys,

While it is possible to teach AI how to type a message with properly formatted hyperlinks, the widget itself does not support hyperlinks.

To stop AI from attempting to make hyperlinks I use this Base Prompt:
-If your answer includes a url, add an empty space '' '' before it, for example ''''

Hope this helps.

thanks but that does not work. I guess we will have to deal with it. and move on.