Notifications sounds for widget are not working

Is anyone else experiencing issues with notification sounds not working in the widget, despite having them activated in the dashboard and in the widget?

this happens on desktop and mobile.

Hi Leo,
Thank you for making the post.

If you have Apollo AI bot enabled to join chats with no delay, it will join the chat faster than the notification can play. Setting up 10 second delay for Apollo to join chats allows sound notifications to be briefly played for Property Members. I understand that this might seem bit counterintuitive and this is something that our Product team is looking to improve.

Alternatively, it is possible that your browser tab is muted:

Hope this clarifies things.

Hi ralph. I do get the notifications fine on my dashboard. I was refering to the audible notification sound on the customer side of the widget. They don’t get audible sound when I reply a message, only the browser tab notification seems to be working.

Hi Leo,
Thank you for the clarification.

Modern browsers do not allow sound notifications for elements of the site to auto-play without action from the visitor. This means that the sounds will only start playing after a visitor has navigated within your site,

I just tested it and there were no notifications when I just opened the homepage, but navigating one page immediately allowed it to start playing.

Hope this helps.

Oh I didn’t know that, alright thanks for the clarification.