Preventing Tawk from shifting me away from chats I am reviewing and instead taking me to the newest chats

The title is clunky, but a fair summary.

I am manually reviewing chats that we have had over a large span of time. I’m unsure if this is a bug, but frequently I’ll be removed from the chat order I was in. For example, if I was reviewing a chat from June 3rd, finished, and wanted to view the next chat that was made on June 3rd, I might be instead taken to a chat that was completed more recently (say June 12th). To return to where I was, I must exit out of the chat and manually navigate back to the prior chats I was reviewing. Sometimes I’ll even be removed from the chat I’m reviewing without first clicking anything that would exit the page. Given that we receive over 100 chats a day, this can make navigating a bit tricky.

Is there a way to ensure Tawk keeps my place in reviewing old chats?

Hi JeSo,

Thank you for your report. This is something that is on our radar and our team is working on expanding our Inbox for more channel support which will come with a reworked unified navigation system.
A workaround that I may suggest for now would be opening a second dashboard in an incognito window that is used exclusively for working within Inbox, and the first window can then be used for monitoring and quick reaction to incoming requests.

Stay tuned for future updates and let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions.

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for your response and for your team’s active work.

Thank you also for providing the suggested workaround. I have been only reviewing previous chats (as opposed to monitoring and answering new chats). I may not have understood part of your workaround, but could you clarify if there is a way, using the incognito window, to maintain my place in the chats?

I may have simply misunderstood your workaround suggestion–if so please let me know. Otherwise, thank you for work on this.

My apologies for not making it clearer.
It is possible to lose the navigation point in inbox history if you switch to an active chat so the 2nd incognito dashboard would help by separating Inbox work from answering ongoing chats. That said, I might have misunderstood your initial problem so this workaround might not be relevant.
Our Inbox pages are limited to 50 items and the navigation arrow won’t allow you to go to the 2nd page without going back to the list view.
Could it be that you reached the 50th chat in the filter which looped you back to the first item on top?

Not at all, thank you for working with me on this.

I don’t believe the issue is that I have reached the 50th chat in the filter. I suspect that, if it were, that would mean that the loss in inbox history would happen relatively infrequently. However, I found it happening sometimes after every chat or every other chat. A teammate suggested the inbox history resets for them, too, whenever another teammate interacts with a Jotform ticket, though I’ve not been able to confirm this through personal experience.

It could be that the navigation sequence gets out of order if a ticket gets updated as this would move the ticket to the top of the ‘Updated On’ list.
We will look into this. Thanks again.

I appreciate that, thank you kindly.