Remove unread message count after chat opened/closed

The unread message counter is not removed on the minimized widget after the message from the agent has been read.
It is only removed if I write a response to the agent.

Which is quite confusing for the users since they’ve read the message and then minimized the chat window again.
Is this by design that the user will have to write “thanks” or something similar just to remove the unread message notification?

Hi @PeterSvensson,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your feedback!

I understand this is an issue on the visitor widget side. We’ll do some tests to see if we can replicate this behavior.

If you could send me a video recording of the issue, that would be much appreciated, and ensure that we’re on the same page.

Where would you like me to send the video?

Hi @PeterSvensson, feel free to share it here, via DM or email it to me directly at

Any progress on this? :blush:

Currently in our backlog. I’ve prodded the team to look into it next week.