Sales conversion tracker and transcript - directly linked - in some way

I just started using the AI. It seems like it will help sale conversions. May I suggestion conversion tracking and chat transcript analytics? I feel like if I, as a business owner, can directly corolate sale converstions with what worked, and/or what didn’t it would help immensly. Thank you.

David Hawkins

Hi David,

Thank you for your post. I understand that you are looking for a business intelligence/ reporting solution. While it is not possible for now, improved general reporting for tracking sales is something that we are working towards.

For now, I can offer you a workaround for managing Leads:
With the latest update, it is possible for Shortcut actions to assign Tags to conversation/CRM.
Here I have set up a simple shortcut to add tag ‘‘HotLead’’ whenever the user says ‘‘I want to buy a house’’

If AI is handling chats, it is possible to create action Shortcuts that tag the conversation and contact if they say specific keywords or voice specific intent.

Once the tags are added, you can filter them into Segments within our Contacts.

Hope this helps.