Sending SMS/Text notifications when a new live chat session is created

As a startup company, we have a small team and our customer support folks will do other stuff (product testing, development, etc) too. So we don’t have dedicated customer support staff sitting at their desk answering customer queries or chats, nor they have inbox open on their computer all the time.

It would be a great if allows sending a sms/text notification to cell phone numbers of designated agents once a new chat is initiated by customers so that the agent can open the app or web page to check and answer customer queries.



It’s great to hear that you’re looking for efficient ways to manage customer interactions in your startup. does offer a solution for receiving SMS notifications when a new chat is initiated. You can set up this feature by integrating with an SMS provider using a service like Make (formerly Integromat). Here’s a brief overview of how you can set it up:

Create a Make Workflow: Log into your Make account and create a new scenario for You’ll need to select the ‘Watch Chat Starts’ trigger.
Set Up a Webhook: In your dashboard, navigate to Administration > Settings > Webhooks and create a new webhook with the URL provided by Make.
Connect Your SMS Provider: Add another module in your Make workflow to connect your SMS provider, such as Twilio, and configure it to send a message to your mobile device when a new chat starts.
Activate Your Scenario: Finally, activate your new workflow in Make to start receiving SMS notifications on your mobile device whenever a new chat begins.

I hope it’s helpful for you.

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