Sorry if this is a silly question, but I could not find the answer in this forum

I am the only user but for some reason (ie I probably messed it up), I have two profiles under properties. Both have a photo of me but one has all the incoming chats and the other shows none. When I went to delete one of them, the warning message was scary, so I backed down. Is it safe to delete the duplicate and does it matter if I don’t?

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Hi Pete,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Community!

If you have created a duplicate property, which you are not using, it’s good practice to check in case you have added any valuable data to your Knowledge Base, Shortcuts, and other configurations before deleting it.

Once you have confirmed that it is not in use, and there is no useful data added, it is safe to delete it.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks, Kristaps.
When I look at the knowledge base, etc., they seem to show up when I switch properties, so I cannot figure out which one they’re attached to. Is the one labeled “profile” the main one that I should try to keep?

Hi @PeteNYC,

Thanks for your patience.

If you’re seeing an entity with (Profile) after its name, that’s most likely your personal Profile Page (which is not a property). The Knowledge Base feature is not available for Profile Pages.

On, you can create and share access to unlimited properties - think, business pages.

Your account/profile is personal to you.

Each website or organization should have its own property on

To manage your properties, go to Administration - the gear/cog icon on the top menu.

You can see the properties you have created and/or have access to in Administration by hovering over the property name on the left side of the top menu where the property name is shown.