Tawk.to has unexpectedly closed the connection [for some users in Vietnam]

Currently some of our users in Vietnam cannot use tawkto. When accessing, I encounter the following error.

www.tawk.to has unexpectedly closed the connection.

With chats embedded in the web, it also does not work. I wonder if tawkto is having problems. Please assist me.

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Hi @dotrungquan, thanks for reporting this, we are investigating an issue with connections from Vietnam. If you could please send your ISP name and IP address to support@tawk.to that would be much appreciated so we can troubleshoot further.

i have the same, i am from Viet Nam

all of my tawkto widget fail, help us

HI kristaps,

All ISP from Vietnam can not connect.
t to tawk. To, they are FPT, VNPT, Viettel IPs ranges.

Please unlock those IPs from these ISP as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hi kristaps,

All ISP from Vietnam can not connect to tawk.To, they are FPT, VNPT, Viettel IPs ranges.

Please unlock those IPs from these ISP as soon as possible.

Thank you

bọn này hỗ trợ lâu quá nhỉ bác, lỗi to đùng mà ko thấy nó giải quyết

Hi all, thank you for the feedback, and for your patience.

We are investigating the issue and will find a solution ASAP.

In the meantime, could you try accessing tawk.to using a VPN?

We know it’s not ideal, but it might be a temporary solution.

Through VPN we access https://www.tawk.to/ which works normally.

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Dear Community,

We’ve identified that some of our users in Vietnam are facing difficulties accessing our services on tawk.to, specifically with DNS failures that prevent connection to our dashboard. This issue seems to be isolated to certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Vietnam.

To better understand and resolve this matter, we’re asking for your help. If you’re currently in Vietnam and experiencing access issues, could you perform the following tests and share your results with us?

For Windows users:

  • Open PowerShell and run the following command:
    Resolve-DnsName -Name dashboard.tawk.to

For Mac OS/Linux users:

  • Open your terminal and run the following command:
    dig +trace dashboard.tawk.to

These tests will provide us with valuable information on the DNS resolution process from your location.

Additionally, as a temporary workaround, we suggest changing your DNS servers to one of the following public DNS services, which may improve your access:
Google DNS: and
Cloudflare DNS: and

You can find a guide on how to change your DNS settings here: What Is Google DNS? Changing Your DNS to

Lastly, we recommend contacting your ISP to report this issue, as it appears to be related to DNS resolutions on their end.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation and assistance in helping us diagnose and resolve this issue. Please send your test results and any other relevant information to support@tawk.to.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Kristaps and the team at tawk.to

ISP Viettel

Changing DNS only works for administrators, but for users, they cannot see the chat box preventing access to websites.
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: Same Origin policy does not allow reading remote resources at https://embed.tawk.to/xxxxx. (Reason: CORS request failed). Status code: (null)