Tawk widget creating an invisible iframe on the screen when zooming in the browser

I’m experiencing the same bug reported in these topics below:

The difference would be that the invisible iframe only appears when the zoom is at 125% or more in the browser (the zoom size may vary according to the screen size).

Another scenario in which this invisible iframe appears is when there is a video on the page and it is in full screen, when I leave full screen the invisible iframe appears.

This bug started to be noticed on 12/05/23.

I performed this test on a screen with an aspect ratio of 1528px X 742.40px:


Hi Paul,
Thank you for your detailed bug report.
I have forwarded this to our team and we will address this with our next patch.

There was a similar bug affecting Safari browsers earlier this month, could you confirm which browser were you using for this?

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers. On Windows Operating System

We are also experiencing the exact same issue!
It also happens if you resize the window for mobile and back to desktop.
what is the status?

I understand the frustration you’re experiencing with the hidden iframe bug in the Tawk chat widget. It appears to disrupt user interaction, particularly when the widget is open or at specific browser zoom levels. I encountered a similar issue on my uaesafari website. This problem is reproducible on the given URL and has been noticed since 12/05/23. Notably, the issue is more prominent on screens with a 1528px X 742.40px aspect ratio.

@myabrownn what widget do you use to let you choose tawk.to and whatsapp?