The button that allows users to acces the chat should have a different colour


In the widget configuración you can only change the whole layout colour, but not the button for the chat itself. There should be a way to highlight the button, and normally, is with another colour (of choice).
I have a lot of cases where people´s search in the Knowledge Base search bar is “hello”.

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same happens to me quite often.

Hi Domingo,

Thank you for your suggestion. We are looking to expand on the customizability of visitor-facing chat widgets and will take this into consideration.
If the Chat Widget Card in Widget Content settings is moved above the bottom slot, it will show up as ‘‘New Conversation’’ button, which should help distinguish it from the Knowledgebase search box.

You can learn more about the Widget Card system here:

Hope this helps as a temporary workaround.
Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions.


It makes sense. Lets hope it works!