Visitor Initiating NEW chat (w/ new/different dept. and/or question)

If a customer/visitor closes a chat (end chat or close browser window) and then wants to initiate a New Chat with a different department (we have four), if they try to start that new chat in the same browser they did their original chat in, it brings them back to the Chat Widget (With the option to Email Transcript or Start New Chat. Clicking Start New Chat brings them back into that original chat window from before). There is no option to complete the New Conversation form again (which we have prior to visitor initiating the chat), to start a NEW chat with a new department and/or question. If they reply to that original chat, it initiates a New Chat on the Agent side, for the original Department. We “think” that the customer/visitor would get a new window after the 10-minute (or 25+ minute) “idle” time which was brought up by Support, but would like some clarity on that. Having to wait that long for a refresh may be frowned upon by the customer. Clearing the cache/cookies, using a new incognito window, or using a different browser eliminates this “problem” for the customer/visitor…but that is not really a great solution either, as many would not be willing to do those things. (Not sure if this is a “bug” or intended…but for companies with multiple options in their New Conversation form, it could be an issue with customers.)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We understand that it can be frustrating for customers to start a new chat with a different department after closing their previous chat in the same browser. Currently, the chat widget only shows the pre-chat form once per browsing session to make it easier for users who experience brief disconnects.

To address this issue, we are looking into adding a customizable post-chat screen. This would allow users to have more options and clarity when they close a chat, such as starting a new conversation with a different department or asking a new question.

As always, let us know if there are any other suggestions or feedback.

Appreciate the reply Ralph! I totally get the intention of the stored session, but also see the need to be able to start fresh. A customizable post-chat screen sounds great! Looking forward to hearing that develop!