What is great and what is crap

I tried 10 “free” chat options for WP (listed at the end). Initially, eight seemed genuinely free. After some time, I tested, set them up, and compared them because I was seeking a simple form: “name,” “email address,” and “text” when offline, nothing more, nothing less.

Note: I’m writing because, honestly, you are the best. Normal support, normal form. When everything was finally set up, I didn’t realize I needed to pay after 14 days or 50 messages. I love using your app, so I want you to be the best in the market. Hence, fresh eye suggestions.

Great on your chat:

  1. You have this simple form when I’m offline, and this is my opinion why: It has this form (we all know most customers come to the first page, so it’s important to have the form on the first page, but you don’t want an actual contact form on the first page. So, a simple solution, I thought, would be to add a chat that implements the form. I just love it to use as a customer, so why not use it on my website? Traditional contact forms have been around for a long time and weren’t very reliable at the beginning. Everyone older than 35 still has this in the background of their minds, but chats are newer and more reliable. For sure, this will change, but for now, they are great, so customers interact with them more often). So, I do not understand why none of the tested programs had a simple form.

  2. 24-hour support: I just resigned with 3x because long waiting for an answer was possible. Automatically integrating so crap and the person on the other side was so bad. The second one was offline support, morning, evening, night, so I just didn’t care because it wasn’t clear how to set up the form.

  3. It is free for starting a company, like I do not have clients, so how do you expect me to pay you? But when I will have, I have to pay for what I use. :smiley:

  4. I love this auto-saving, it’s great, I miss 100 times the settings on other websites, I really don’t understand why everybody doesn’t use it like you. It is a simple chat, you can mess up the process of fission of atoms in a nuclear reactor which is not reversible so why do I need to press all the time ‘’ save bottom’’


  1. Firstly, this ringing tone when the first message comes, 5x times, crap ringing. I thought I would die. All others have just one nice note, not that crap from the '60s. I’m happy you have this option here for there are some gourmet, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to set it up for the first impression. It’s just you; everybody else has a normal ring.

  2. Using a pin to add a picture instead of adding a picture with a simple drop to chat option, all others have an available dropping option. It is so naturally user-friendly. I really do not understand why you don’t have this. It is like one more click, and in this time, so annoying.

  3. Your menu is different, more advanced. I like it. But check others; they are so simple compared to you. I like to have more advanced; it’s great for me. But maybe throughout this advanced option as a good do it. Like you have 5 options that use 80 percent of clients, and when you press advance, you get more options for those 20 percent. So, you get benefit from both be advanced and be. :blush:

  4. When somebody sends this form, I need to open your app to get the client’s email. You probably have it set up because you like collecting data and having clients use your app, so that’s fine. I can live with that, and I understand it. It’s just a bit annoying because other clients (they don’t have this good-looking straightforward simple form) but they have some kind, and they’re sending this email to my email with a message, and the message looks simpler, so I think - for you, but very small. :smile:

  5. You have there English - American :smile::smile::smile: Like what, no English English? :smile: So if it’s not English English or another option, why do you call it American? Not just English?

ok its to late for me, if you like more sugestion just sent me email kovachouseextension@gmail.com (it was created just for the website internal purpose)

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Hi there, Joseph.

Thank you for your detailed feedback and for your kind words about our platform. We truly value your insights as they help us continually improve our services to better meet your needs and expectations.

I’m glad to hear that you appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our chat form, as well as our 24-hour support and auto-saving feature. These are indeed aspects we prioritize to ensure a seamless user experience.

Regarding the aspects you find less satisfactory, such as the ringing tone and the process of adding a picture, we will take your feedback into account as we strive to enhance our platform’s usability and convenience.

Regarding your suggestion about offering both English and English-American options, we’ll definitely consider this to cater to different language preferences more accurately.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We’re committed to making tawk.to the best it can be, and your feedback is invaluable in achieving that goal. :slight_smile:

If you have any further suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you.