$58 for 250 odd messages doesn't make sense

I have two domains where tawk.to chat is running. In both the domains, I have AI Assist running. It is programmed to automatically reply.

I have upgraded to “Growth” in one domain. For the other, it is in hobby. While “Growth” has 1000 messages, “Hobby” has only 100.

Both the domains included, my messages do not exceed 300 a month. One of the domains, reaches the 100 message limit 2/3rds into the month.

So, if I have to keep them going, I have to spend an additional $29.

For me, it is just a value addition. I am not going to spend the additional amount. for just 150 messages.

But, from your end, you could do 2 things.

One, have a scheme where you give me the 1000 messages and let me split it among my domains. It would be a good customer friendly gesture from your side.

Alternatively, you could have another subscription model(s) in between such as 250 and 500 messages, which would more or less serve the purpose.

I do believe the pricing is fair for what it offers to be honest.
But I hope you find a plan that works for you.


But, IMHO, it also makes good business sense to have an intermediate plan here.

Here, in my case, I am not going for the purchase because I do not need the thousand messages. So, you are not getting those dollars anyway.

But, if you have something in between, you would make extra dollars and also make more of your happy customers happy happy.

Why waste those unused messages if they can convert into moolah?

Food for thought?!

Well, I see your point now, and it does make sense