Ability to adjust size of custom attention grabber

We need the ability to resize the custom attention grabber.

Several connected issues:

  • All attention grabbers in the gallery are in English. So if one needs an attention grabber in a different language, one doesn’t have a choice but to use a custom attention grabber

  • There aren’t any official dimensions for the attention grabber. By process of trial and error the correct size is incredibly small (for jpg/png) and looks of very low quality as a result

  • The ability to upload a .svg image (vector) would be much more logical, especially since the gallery ones are .svg themselves

Hi there, @GregEol

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We understand that resizing the custom attention grabber and having the ability to upload a .svg image is essential, and we’re considering improvements in this area.

Your feedback is valuable, and we’re working on enhancing this feature. Stay tuned for updates!

Hi @karla thanks for taking the time to answer, would you have a timeline to give me for the implementation of this feature?

FYI, without this we cannot upload custom attention grabbers, which is an issue for any website/store which has more than one language and needs an attention grabber in a different language than English