Ability to connect our OpenAI Assistant (ChatGPT API)

Our solution is built upon OpenAI Assistants, which serve as the repository for our documents and the collective knowledge of our company. This feature could be particularly attractive to businesses that might be interested in deploying their own models on AWS Bedrock.

Providing you with an OpenAI API key would enable integration between Tawk and our OpenAI-based Assistants. I am confident that this approach holds more promise for future developments than the AI-assisted chatbot offered by Tawk.

Explanation of the feature’s benefits:

  1. Centralized Knowledge: By using OpenAI Assistants as a knowledge base, information is centralized, making it easier to maintain and access company data and documentation.
  2. Customization: Companies have the opportunity to tailor the AI models to their specific needs using AWS Bedrock, offering a degree of personalization that can enhance performance and relevance.
  3. Advanced Integration: The use of an API key for integration suggests a seamless connection between platforms, allowing for more efficient communication and data exchange.
  4. Future-Proofing: Betting on OpenAI Assistants could be a strategic move, as they are at the forefront of AI technology, which may provide more advanced features and capabilities over time compared to other existing solutions like Tawk’s AI chatbot.

Hi @vladaman,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We’re working on adding the ability for users to connect AI Assist with their external databases using API.

We are considering to add the ability to select different AI models in the future as well.

Keep an eye out for updates on our socials and here in the community.

We’d love to hear more about your specific use-case if you’re open to sharing!

In what ways does the ability to connect our OpenAI Assistant contribute to a more seamless user experience?

API functions have been shipped! :tada:

You’ll find them in the AI Assist add-on settings.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. You can book a call with our AI support team here:

We’re excited to see what you’ll build!