Ability to 'Sleep' or pause repeating notifications of the desktop app

When an agent’s connection to the Tawk servers is down, the Tawk agent desktop software frequently repeats that it is down, just like an impatient child asking “are we there yet, are we there yet” while on a journey.

Having that initial alert is a great and useful thing, we just need the ability to muzzle it while it’s an ongoing thing as to not interrupt efforts to fix or just get other things done waiting for it to come back up.

Currently, the notifications settings are limited to:
A) only available when the connection to Tawk’s servers is available. i.e. it can NOT be turned off when the connection is down.
B) when you can get to the configuration options, are very binary. They are either off all the time or on all the time that the agent software is running. No middle ground.

I would really like to see the option to ‘sleep’ that alarm when the connection is down, with options for how long to do it for, up to a restart of the agent software.

Hi there, Andy!

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us! We understand your point about the persistent notifications when the agent’s connection is down. We appreciate the suggestion about having more control over these alerts.

We’re actively looking into ways to enhance the notification settings, and your feedback is super valuable in that process. While we can’t promise specific changes right away, rest assured that we’re considering options for more flexibility in managing those alerts.

Thanks again for bringing this up, and we’ll keep you posted on any updates!