Access to live visitor monitor data after visitors have left

Hello, I’ve been trying to find a solution for this for a while. Pretty much I wish there was a feature within that would allow me to access some sort of log of visitor data such as the location, when they visited the website, and the URL they visited.

The reason I think this is beneficial is because when it comes to advertising, for offline conversions such as a phone call, I need to manually upload the visitors MSCLKID or GCLID which is stored in the visitors URL, and once they leave the website I can no longer get access to the either of the unique click ID’s within their URL.

Some sort of visitor log like I stated previously would be very beneficial and be an amazing quality of life improvement. I really would just like to be able to have access to the same information that the live visitor monitor has, except for after they have left to make it easier to go back to look and see which visitors ended up being offline conversions and being able to access the MSCLKID or GCLID to upload them as a conversion

I would 100% pay for this feature, I’ve used for a long time and use it everyday, it is great, this would be the cherry on top, thank you!