Add a column to monitoring page for current page views

I moved from another chat service, and while has many features that one didn’t have, there is one that I greatly miss.

It would be nice to have a way to have a new column to the monitoring area which now shows visits, chats, browser, etc. to also have one that shows the number of current page/post views. At times, with the other chat service, if someone showed nearly 100 or more views, I would know they are up to something not good. I could then grab their IP address and ban them from the server.

Right now, I can’t do that.

Great feature and column to add.

Hi normlawr,
Thank you for reaching out.

We do have a column in Monitoring that shows previous visits of the user:

With the example you provided, if someone comes to the widget 100 times just to spam, you will be able to see that they have 100 visits on the Monitoring list.

Hope this clarifies it.


Past visits are not what I’m concerned with. It’s ongoing page views. The visits column only shows how many times that computer has accessed the site, but it does not show page/post view numbers increasing as the person browses.


Hi Norman,
Thank you for the clarification. We will take your concerns into consideration for real-time monitoring updates.