Add more roles for property members

Hello, I want to improve some features.

Add roles to teams.
As Moderator, etc…

Hi @Cclement1,

With respect, this is a very vague suggestion. We would appreciate you taking the time to detail what you are suggesting before making a post, otherwise, they will be marked as spam and hidden. Thank you for understanding.

Could you please clarify the following:

  • What are you referring to with “teams”? Departments?
  • What would the “Moderator” role imply?
  • How would this benefit our platform?

Hello, @kristaps I hope you’re doing well today?

Add the owner role, for example, I’m the owner of the service.

We should add the other role support team I explain why.

If I add a person as moderator and with that role they can add as spam or banned and the support team they can just handle the message, ticket and live chat Can you agree with me?

Hi @Cclement1,

We already have two roles for property members:

  • Admins (full access)
  • Agents (limited access)

An agent can do the following:

  - Respond to chats (also ban visitors)
  - Respond to tickets
  - Access Reporting
  - Access Messaging (where chats and tickets are stored)
  - Create and edit articles in your Knowledge Base
  - Create and edit Shortcuts
  - View property members

Are there any additional actions that you need your agents to be able to perform?