Add social media features

Hello, I want to improve some features.

Add social media mode. On app and website there is the conversation Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect…
I’m sending you a screenshot.k

Hi @Cclement1

Thanks for your suggestion! We think adding social media integration is a fantastic idea. It would indeed make it more convenient for users like you to manage conversations across various platforms seamlessly.

Our team is already considering enhancements to the platform, and your feedback adds a valuable perspective. While we can’t give an exact timeline, we’ll certainly keep your suggestion in mind for future updates.

If you have more ideas or thoughts, feel free to share them with us. We appreciate your input!

Hi :wave: @karla How are you?
I have a question but can I speak by email?

Hi there, @Cclement1

You can email us at :slight_smile:


Hello @karla How are you?
I want to ask you the question for the suggestion I asked you?