Allow multiple sessions active at the same time

This is truely a workflow-breaking “feature”. Not being able to have two instances open at the same time slows everything down as you need to load the page again every single time you change windows or tabs. It also makes it impossible to copy or review text in two Knowledge Base articles.
Multiple sessions needs to be enabled.

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You can have two sessions just open the other session in incognito (private) mode or using other browser.

That is nowhere near enough. You shouldn’t need to jump through weird hoops to get something every single other platform has. Especially when you’re paying for it.

I don’t see how using incognito mode is a weird hoop but, alright.

It is in a way that it should be accessible via normal browser windows. You should not need to open up another different window for it to work, nor should you need to install another browser. What you’ve suggested is working around poor design with a trick.

Well I do not agree. but let’s hope the developers can help you out.

good day