Annual schedule - holidays

We miss a function to close the chat on selected days, which is fixed from the beginning of the year. Public holidays or days when we are closed for other reasons

Hi Torben,

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You can use the Widget Scheduler to set your hours of operation on a weekly basis in anticipation of public holidays.

Learn more here: Help Center | | Using the Widget Scheduler

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hello @kristaps ,

The suggestion you have posted is to schedule hours for only a week. Let’s say for example, if we are working from Monday to Friday in a week and there is any public holiday that falls in between the weekdays, then we have to manually close the working hours window manually.

We always have to close the working window in the previous week if we are not available on any day of next week. Sometimes we forget to set the working window in the Tawk.

So it would be a great feature for us if there is an option to select the holidays in the Widget Scheduler where you can select your holidays for the whole year or can override any date if the working hours are different than other regular days.

You can get the best example for adding holidays from calendly and see how they allow their users to set different availability by date selection.

I hope you guys consider this request to be included in the Tawk.

At least, can you allow developers to post a JSON formatted schedule to a widget property ID? That way we can handle the dates / weeks programmatically our side and leave a script/cron to do the work.

Presently, my clients message me weeks ahead of a holiday asking me to close the chat widget on various dates. I have to set myself a reminder to come in and change the schedule on the weeks affected. Holidays can span multiple weeks. It’s a messy juggling act at the moment, And like @Manoj says, easy to forget.

There was a similar request on some years back, but it looks like the feature request slate got wiped clean when this new community board opened…?