Apollo types too fast: Option to delay subsequent responses' time in the same chat and should be proportional to word count

Hey guys,

I like the option that allows me to delay Apollo’s first response to a chat for e.g. 20 sec.

But there is no way to delay her responses in subsequent replies. I mean after the first reply, I want her to wait for 10 to 60 sec, the delay duration (time) should be proportional to the length of the reply (words) that she will provide to the visitor.

That way, Apollo will sound less robotic.

I don’t like the way it is right now because customers keep asking whether Apollo is a bot just because she types too fast with brilliant replies tho.


I concur , there should be a 2, or 3 seconds delay so it feels more natural

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On ChatGPT, it claims that it can type with slower speeds, but it does not work. Meaning ChatGPT has the same issue, it can not slow down, from my experience.

What factors are considered when determining the appropriate delay time for responses of varying word counts?

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